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You will find that most firms usually engage in the use of email when communicating anything. Email is mainly used by companies to pass information regarding various issues and things including important events, meetings and memos. The various firms also use the email as a firm of communication between them and the clients they are serving. Communication between two firms is also done through the email since it is deemed professional and reduces the paperwork involved in sending the letters. When using the email there are various advantages that you will accrue both on the short term and long term. The email has become a good way of communicating and passing information. It has also been made safer by adding some sort of encryption. You will find that the emails are mainly used by marketing companies to promote the products and services of various companies. When there is a large number of emails being sent by any marketing company you will find that most of them will end up in the spam box. The emails sent in large quantities can have an impact by reaching the intended target audience if test are performed to prove their viability and whether they will pass the spam filter. This is done to ensure that emails are tested to a particular audience so that the impact can be felt. Various technologies are used to ensure that testing can be done and algorithm used to identify which emails will work. A high in-depth analysis is performed to make sure that the success rate of the email sent is determined. The companies should be aware of the results that the marketing firms need to achieve in terms of the open rate of emails and also the click-through rate. When emails are going through the preview process they are mainly tested to ensure that the intended goals set by the marketers, developers and designers has been achieved. There is a process that is involved where tested solutions are applied in the crafting and designing if the emails and email messages that are going to be used by developers, designers and marketers. The tested emails are proven to ensure that they will work for any particular campaign that a company wants to start. When advanced analytics is used you will find that the result will determine the direction in which the campaign will take. The email testing involves tracking the sample emails that are sent to intended target yo make sure that the IP address and interne service providers create a link in which the emails may end up in their inbox or spam.

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